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Possibly Puppets

Hand Made Visual Theatre- All New Works

Possibly Puppets finds inspiration for puppet shows in all things- expanding them into artistic explorations and stunning visual shows for family audiences. This creative contemporary puppetry can brighten up your world!

darkness in the city_edited.jpg
Paper puppets at large


Puppet Shows and Visual Theatre

At Possibly Puppets, we provide the San Francisco Bay Area with a variety of puppet shows. With the belief that anything has the potential to inspire a puppet show, we explore the endless possibilities of the broad puppet genre.   We are committed to our role as caretakers of the earth and use recycled/ reclaimed materials to create our work as much as often as we can. We work mostly in paper and fabric, exploring the books arts as sets and scenes.  The ingredients of our work are: PLAY, Color and Story as well as: trial and error, research, and collaboration with fellow artists, designers, storytellers and children. The work is lead by puppet artist Risa Lenore with other collaborators coming and going as determined by each project.  Contact us for a creative contemporary puppet experience today!

puff marrionette_edited.jpg

"Please do come in and sit down. That's right, and lock the door. If I were not a puppet, I would offer you a chair."

Irene Orgel

Contact Us

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our performance schedule, events and work.

San Francisco Bay Area

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