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Possibly Puppets

Hand Made Visual Theatre- All New Works

Possibly Puppets is a contemporary puppet theater company providing original, handmade puppet performances and creative workshops to organizations such as museums, schools, libraries, festivals, places of worship, cities and communities that seek to engage family audiences with high-quality, art-filled entertainment.

Carrot puppet


Puppet Shows and Visual Theatre

  • Possibly Puppets performs high quality 30-60 minute shows for Family Audiences in a variety of spaces.  Workshops can accompany the shows

  • We bring beauty and delight to communities throughout the bay area through live storytelling.

  • Your communities, may have never seen anything like this original handmade work!

  • These socially conscious performances hold child development and appropriate stories in high regard.

  • Educators and trained performers, Risa Dye and Daniel GIll Facilitate workshops and perform.

  • We expand upon preconceived notions of family-friendly puppetry by artfully and carefully dealing with issues of loss, hope and transformation.

  • In our workshops, we use upcycled and recycled materials to make creations from our imaginations. 

  • Possibly puppets also provides Adults only workshops or Kids only workshops- we can work with you to curate the ideal workshop!

  • ​We also design, make and perform Music Videos! See below.

risalenore at gmail dot com
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Puppet Show

Agents of Change- Lizards, Carrots, Monsters, OH MY! Is the newest work for Family Audiences! Premiering at KALA Art institute in Berkeley, CA. on November 8th and 9th, 2024. The development of this work is funded in part by The Jim Henson Foundation.