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The Whistler

Follow an old man as he quests for his lost dog.  This puppet show combines live acting, tabletop puppets, toy theater and stunning visual adventure in a largely non-verbal tale of loss and joyful discovery. The puppets, theater and sets are largely made from reclaimed materials harvested from the El Cerrito Recycling Center. 

This two person show can be followed by a recycled material puppet making workshop- great for schools, museums, libraries, special events and festivals

Be sure to book well in advance! The Base rate for this two person show is $500.

Book Other SHOWS! 

Find solo puppet shows from Jelly Jam Time for young audiences at the link above. for libraries, museums, schools, festivals and special events. 

The base rate for

a solo show is $300

Also available for workshops, window displays and community engagement around artistic reuse. 

we celebrate: 


Whistler in Mountains.JPG
whistler dog circus 2.HEIC
Whistler stage and set.HEIC
Mountain antelope.JPG

The Whistler Puppet Show

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